Roberto Cavalli Releases The Most Important Book Ever

by The Daily Front Row

A Roberto Cavalli autobiography? Yes, please. Just Me! goes on sale in Italy tomorrow and is the tale of the Italian designer’s rise to the top of the heap. His PR team cooked up the press release of all press releases touting the book. Get a load of this: “Four years of notes, footnotes, sleepless nights spent writing and sheets of paper filled with memories. And then one single instant during which everything was about to vanish. This should not be viewed as a fashion essay, on the contrary: it speaks about the story of the man, not the designer, who lived the Twentieth Century intertwining the thread which bonds the wounds of the War to the glories of the Made in Italy in a simple and amazing narration. A narration where sweat, success, defeat, intuition, the setbacks and the endeavors are written without censorship or stereotypes as the adventure of one of the most important icons of contemporary fashion.” Wowsa. There’s more! “Consequently Just Me! is not a list of models, successes, fashion shows and collaborations with Hollywood stars. It is rather the epic story of Ulysses lost in the Made in Italy ocean, searching for excellence, people and journeys who will make his dream possible. The dream of giving women a gown “which will change their life, because that is what the most beautiful gowns do: they can change a woman’s life.” Is it too early to put in a bid for the film rights to this? 

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