Why Robert Caravaggi Decided to Bring Swifty’s Back

by The Daily Front Row

Beloved NYC restaurant Swifty’s has found a second life at Palm Beach’s The Colony Hotel. Founder Robert Caravaggi fills The Daily in on how he was convinced to bringing the iconic food spot back.

Why did you revive Swifty’s after the NYC original closed in 2016?
Many of our loyal customers wanted us to reopen from the day we closed! My wife, Blaine, and I decided to pursue other ventures, including her gluten-free bakery, Off the Wheat Sweets and Eats. The Colony contacted me about a year ago and proposed Swifty’s opening in the hotel. We’re pleased that it’s working out so well. Many loyal customers are already frequenting Swifty’s in Palm Beach. It’s rewarding to see them and to hear how much they love the food, service, and atmosphere.

Robert Caravaggi

Andrew and Sarah Wetenhall with Robert Caravaggi (Courtesy)

Why do you enjoy Palm Beach?
I like the upscale, stylish, tropical mood. Once you cross over the bridge, everything changes. I feel a certain calming effect, like I’m in a special place. It’s beautiful and welcoming. I’ve been coming here for many years, and consider PB as a second home.

How did you devise the PB menu?
I have hundreds of menu items, some dating back to Mortimer’s. Our executive chef, Tom Whitaker, and I chose the most popular Swifty’s items, like corn fritters with Alaskan salmon roe and artichoke vinaigrette, and Maryland jumbo lump crab cakes, and added others.

Crab cakes (Courtesy)

What’s your usual order?
Tuna carpaccio with ginger, green onions, and capers; chilled poached Scottish salmon; and grilled Colorado lamb chops, with a Negroni or the Colony old-fashioned.

Tuna Tartare (Courtesy)

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