After 15 Years, Robbie Spencer Is Stepping Down From Dazed

by Aria Darcella
Robbie Spencer

Robbie Spencer, fashion and creative director of Dazed Magazine, is exiting the publication. Dazed announced the news today, thanking him for his six years in the role. He spent a total of 15 years with the magazine overall.

“I started buying Dazed as a teenager and it was one of the first magazines I discovered before moving to London age 19. I actually started working here before I even started university,” Spencer said. “It was my first ever job and in many ways, I feel I arrived as a kid and feel like I am leaving as an adult. Dazed has never been solely just a magazine, it has always been a community of like-minded creative people.”

Dazed covers styled by Robbie Spencer (Dazed)

Spencer has not said where he is headed next, but his time at the magazine isn’t over. He will continue to contribute to cover shoots and editorials for Dazed Media publications as its executive fashion director. Spencer’s successor has yet to be announced.

“Robbie is a visionary stylist and as creative director of Dazed has crafted some of its most impactful cover stories,” said Jefferson Hack, co-founder of Dazed Media. “(He) ushered in a new generation of image makers that have defined the zeitgeist…I look forward to him making iconic stories for Dazed in the future.”

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