Ring! Ring! Ring! Catching Up with Karl Lagerfeld

by Eddie Roche

Hi, Karl. Where are you right now?
St. Tropez.
Lovely! How’s Choupette?
She’s doing very well. I have a special big garden for her. She will hate going back to Paris where she has no garden.
Does she go outside?
Yes. I don’t have to be next to her all the time. I work here, I have an atelier. I can’t work outside because the sun is so bright.
Why do you and Brad [Kroenig] work well together?
First of all, he’s such a nice person. It’s something I can’t explain. It just works well. For me, he and his kids, and his wife Nicole are like family. I don’t have a family so I get to make a choice.
What models are you into these days?
I do more personality than models. I love to work with the same people for years. I still work with Baptiste Giabiconi, who stopped modeling for a moment because he wanted to go into music, but I think he was better in modeling. My new discovery I like a lot is Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, who is the son of Daniel Day-Lewis and Isabelle Adjani.
What are you reading right now?
All the books by Clarice Lispector, who is the Brazilian Virginia Woolf.
How many books do you read a week?
It depends on my time. I read in English, German, and French as much as I can, but days only have 24 hours and I need eight hours of sleep.
Would you ever come back to New York to show Resort?
We did it at Grand Central Station about 10 years ago.
Come back!
I will. The next one might be in Cuba. If that’s not possible, we will go to Portugal.

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