Rick Owens Is Bringing Back JNCOs — This Time, With Birkenstocks!

by Charles Manning

Rick Owens‘ spring 2019 collection may have been designed with Russian constructivism in mind, but the wide-leg, dropped-crotch pants worn low on the model’s hips were straight out a JNCO Jeans ad circa 1996.

JNCO, Rick Owens spring 2019 (FirstVIEW)

The show itself took place in the courtyard of the Palais de Tokyo with the models walking through billowing clouds of colorful smoke. Owens told Vogue the smoke was intended to make the show “feel a little bit like a riot, or Burning Man. It adds a sense of play and recklessness.”

The collection also featured a new (and unexpected) collaboration between Owens and Birkenstock, which the designer credited with giving the show “this nice placid serene feeling of well-being and liberalism. It’s like taking muesli with your ecstasy.”

Rick Owens spring 2019 (FirstVIEW)

Mixed in with the mandals and 90s skater pants, were a handful of denim skirts, which looked sort of like long denim shorts with the crotch cut out.

There were a handful of stripes — a rarity in a Rick Owens collection.

And a long white robe looked like it was designed for the high priest of Thunderdome, especially modeled as it was by this tall drink of alopecia.

Rick Owens spring 2019 (FirstVIEW)

The show concluded with a handful of jackets with large geometric protrusions. “They’re nylon parkas,” said Owens, “and they are going to be shipped as nylon parkas with the poles separately. So you can build them if you want to.”

JNCOs, Birkenstocks, and wearable tents — what’s not to love?

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