Retail Intel! Linda Fargo On Why Runway Shows Are Still Important

by Paige Reddinger
Linda Fargo

Despite the increasingly hectic show schedules and the increasing number of shows (plus the epic growth of Resort collections), editors and buyers alike aren’t ready to give up the runway show concept. We caught up with Linda Fargo, Bergdorf Goodman’s SVP of fashion and store presentation director, at Balmain to discuss why the magic is still on the runway. But when it comes to buying, seeing and feeling the clothes in the showroom is, of course, a must…

Do you know that you will buy something as soon as it’s trotted out on the runway, or do you have to see it up-close?
Sometimes, I absolutely know from the runway. Other times, you’ll see a piece up-close and think, “I had no idea this was like a textured rug I was looking at” or “I had no idea that that fiber was actually priceless, gold-infused fuzz”. You can be very surprised when you get to the showroom.

So the show format is still important?
Yes. Whenever someone says, “Why do you have to travel to all of these shows? Why can’t you just do it over the internet since it downloads so quickly?” No, no, no, no. You’ve got to get in there and you’ve got to touch it.

Could you technically just do re-see appointments at the showrooms?
Well, yes, but what about the dream? You don’t have the models, you don’t have the hair, you don’t have the set, and you don’t have the mood!

Balmain is a very sexy show for a certain body type. Do you have to think about “body types” when you are buying?
There are plenty of women who will wear Balmain and keep themselves in fighting shape. Store have different types of clients. Some definitely have sexier show-all, tell-all types of clients! I mean, not every girl is going to want to wear Comme des Garçons, for instance. But what I love about Bergdorf’s is that we have incredible range.

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