Chanel and Hermes Are Tops in the Resale Bag Market, But Dior and Gucci Are Gaining Ground

by Charles Manning

Rebag is a leading player in the booming luxury resale market, with an incredible inventory of some of the rarest and most iconic (and genuine) designer bags available anywhere. The Daily caught up with the company’s founder and CEO, Charles Gorra, to find out more about the world of resale and what kind of bags make the best investment. 

Charles Gorra (Rebag)

What brands have the highest resale value?
Chanel and Hermès are usually the highest. The Chanel brand, in general, retains much of its original retail value, usually between 65-75 percent. For example, many of the classic pieces resell well due to the frequent increase in retail price regularly imposed by the brand, which makes them that much more in demand on the resale market. Hermès’ resale value, on the other hand, retains between 80-90% of its retail price, almost entirely due to the exclusivity surrounding its bags and the difficulty in acquiring them. Hermès is truly the unicorn of the luxury resale industry.

Paris-Habana Lego Clutch Plexiglass, CHANEL (Available at Rebag), $7,420;
18K Charms Classic Double Flap Bag Quilted Lambskin Medium, CHANEL (Available at Rebag), $5,255; Lifesaver Round Crossbody Bag Lambskin Small, CHANEL (Available at Rebag), $3,795

What brands are on the rise?
Dior and Gucci have made major headway, increasing in value in recent years, not only due to style but the quality of product as well. We align brand value with resale value, and both of these brands are in high demand and reap a good resale price.

Dionysus Bag Python Medium, GUCCI (Available at Rebag), $2,460; Book Tote Multicolor Embroidered Canvas, CHRISTIAN DIOR (Available at Rebag), $2,890; Saddle Handbag Leather Medium, CHRISTIAN DIOR (Available at Rebag), $3,795

Besides brand name, what makes a bag a good or bad investment?
There is a lot of value in a brand’s name but we’ve come to realize it isn’t just the name alone. The name is often associated with the superior craftsmanship that can be associated with it, which in turn means that a handbag can last and keep its value over time. When it comes to which ones will ultimately an investment, your best bet is to stick to classic silhouettes and colors that have stood the test of time – think crossbody styles, classic tote shapes, or shoulder bags, and bags in black, beige, tan, or navy, to name some examples. Anything too niche or overly embellished could become obsolete at some point.

Twist Handbag Limited Edition Floral Print Epi Leather MM, LOUIS VUITTON (Available at Rebag), $3,025; City Graffiti Classic Studs Bag Leather Medium, BALENCIAGA (Available at Rebag), $1,905; Solar Ray Soft Trunk Bag Monogram Canvas Mini, LOUIS VUITTON (Available at Rebag), $3,340

What is the most expensive bag you’ve ever sold?
The most expensive bag sold would be the Hermès 30 cm Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile Birkin. The Birkin is already incredibly hard to come by, even more so in this material, so it’s no surprise it fetched a staggering $72k.

Kelly Handbag Natural Ostrich with Gold Hardware 32, HERMÈS (Available at Rebag), $15,440; One Two Three and Away We Go Birkin Bag Limited Edition Printed Swift 25, HERMÈS (Available at Rebag), $40,015

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