Rent The Runway Sets Up Shop At Henri Bendel

by The Daily Front Row

Good news New York chicettes! Rent The Runway has opened up a permanent showroom at Henri Bendel today. The 1,400-square-foot space will play host to a rotating selection of dresses and accessories from 175 designer brands. Customers can work with a “Go-To-Girl” stylist who can help select dresses and make suggestions as well as take notes about what works for you and what doesn’t work. Your information will be be stored online in your profile. Why is that helpful? You can try on multiple dresses at once so you can find what works for you in the future. In case you can’t make it in person the next time, you’ll know what fits and what doesn’t. But wait…it gets even better. Customers can select looks they like online and have them waiting in the dressing room. Need something last minute? You can walk in and walk out with a dress for spur-of-the-moment occasion and dresses can be returned to the store or dropped in the mail. And stay tuned for their “Girls Night Out” events, which include partnerships with various beauty brands to offer complimentary manicures, makeovers, and more during the holiday season. Genius much?

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