Reflections at Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2017

by Paige Reddinger

Much could be made about Karl Lagerfeld’s mirrored runway for Chanel’s haute couture collection. The Kaiser famously refuses to look back, but still, this season was a thorough homage to ’20s and ’30s silhouettes—around the time when Coco Chanel founded her iconic label. In that same vein, the set design paid homage to Syrie Maugham, the famed British interior designer, whose home was known for its mirrored party room. Further driving the point home, some shapes were said to be inspired by Alberto Giacometti’s “Spoon Woman” sculpture from 1926.

While there was an au courant nod to power dressing and pussy bows, these have long been the foundation on which Chanel was first built. Mademoiselle Chanel was the quintessential power woman of her time, after all. But let’s have a little fun while taking over the world, shall we ladies? The fabulous sequined and feathered numbers are made for celebrating. If you really want to make an entrance, Lily Depp Rose‘s pink voluminous gown is one way to fully inhabit your femininity.

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