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Refinery29's Big Facelift

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Today in digital redesigns, Refinery29 rolls out its big makeover, including a (gasp!) brand spankin’ new logo. As R29 founder Christine Barberich (and Daily alum!) told us over yogurt parfaits and petite bacon, apple, and cheese croissant sandwiches at a press breakfast on Thursday, it’s a real labor of love to do a logo overhaul. In fact, going through couples therapy was the analogy used for tweaking a logo. Oy! The redesign took six months. In addition to the aesthetics, the seemingly ever-multipying site will produce 120 to 140 stories daily on the content front (compared to the none-too-shabby 80 posts per day they’ve been cranking out). The next site revamps on our radar? Bon Appetit and Elle. Stay tuned!

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