Rebecca Minkoff's Travel Survival Tips

by Daniel Chivu

How does our travel expert Rebecca Minkoff survive her worldwide adventures? She gives Chic the low-down on her top ten tips on making traveling easier for vous.
“Blame it on the New York snowstorms, but all I can think about this week is getting out of the Big Apple. Seven hours from now I could be in St. Tropez…Naturally, I have mentally packed my bags, so this week I’m going to share with you my top ten travel tips.

  • Sometimes, it’s like Sophie’s Choice when it comes to what to pack, but you can’t bring everything, no matter how fabulous.  Pick a neutral color palette like black or brown and make everything mix-and-match-able.
  • Pack one outfit per day and add in a great day-to-evening dress like my Ilaria dress – even if you don’t currently have evening plans (wink, wink).
  • Unless you’re Mr. T, you don’t need top pile on the jewels for your travels. Decide on a few standout pieces that can accessorize into any occasion.
  • Roll, do not fold, your clothes. Not only does this free up tons of space in your weekender, but it minimizes wrinkling.  
  • My secret to never looking like I took that red-eye? Darphin eye cream    
  •  Transcend out of that unfortunate middle seat in coach with a Samsonite eye mask (with ear plugs!) for pitch-black serenity.  
  •  For my birthday, I received a cashmere blanket and slippers set that have becoming flying must-haves.  If you can’t spare the room, pack a pashmina or big cozy scarf to double as a blanket.
  • I wish someone would have stressed the importance of signing up for mileage rewards and keeping track of your miles! The first time I earned an upgrade was the happiest day of my life.
  • Only Jennifer Lopez takes more than 2 bags on a weekend trip. All a girl needs should fit into a weekender, like the Cherish tote  and a crossbody MAC  (that can double as a clutch).
  • There is nothing more germaphobe-inducing than walking barefoot through security!  To avoid wanting to chop off your feet, always wear socks and slip-off shoes… stay tuned for the MAB flat from my new shoe line out next month! Just because you may be on a flight to grandma’s house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your best ballet flat forward. You never know who could be in the seat next to you…

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