Rebag Introduces a New Tool to Appraise Bag Values In Resale

by Aria Darcella
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The resale market is growing, but for shoppers new to the game it can be difficult to determine good deals for pre-owned luxury goods. But Rebag is hoping to fill this gap for customers, introducing a new tool that can figure out the value of a bag your’e shopping — or one you’re hoping to sell — instantly. Clair, which launches today, is being touted as a comprehensive luxury appraisal index for resale. Rebag is calling it the first of its kind, and says it took five years to develop.

“With more and more consumers contemplating the resale value of their luxury purchases, we’ve created a taxonomy that provides a more transparent way for consumers to shop more wisely,” Charles Gorra, founder and CEO of Rebag, said in a statement. “We’ve spent years gathering data and analyzing the luxury handbag market. Clair is our way of sharing that knowledge with the world.”

Clair determines the value of any handbag across a list of more than 50 brands and 10,000 bags, offering consumers an automated price that Rebag is willing to pay for the item at that moment. Through the company’s website or app, prospective buyers or sellers can find and select a handbag’s brand, model, style, and size. From there, they further specify the bag’s color and condition. That’s all it takes for the tool to generate a handbag’s resale value.

Naturally, Rebag is hoping Clair will offer a framework for the resale market, allowing for more transparency in pricing. From a consumer perspective, it certainly is interesting. One has to wonder if Clair will have the power to effect prices on other resale platforms, and if so, what standardization of prices will do for the market overall. Clair can either be a really nifty app, or the first step in a new era of pre-owned luxury shopping.

Clair by Rebag is available online now.

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