Ramy Sharp on Summer in the Hamptons and What’s Coming this Fall

by Kristen Heinzinger

As the onset of Fall nears, we check in with Ramy Brook designer Ramy Sharp about what’s lined up, from her luxe collection of faux furs to her redecorated digs to her golf game and beyond. Take it away, Ramy!

How have you been spending your summer?
My two boys are home, and my oldest is off to college so I’m trying to spend as much time together as possible. We recently picked up golf as a family. I’m not that good. [Laughs] When I’m out in the Hamptons, I have this fun routine of working out at SoulCycle—I just added Tracy Anderson to my repertoire, which is really, really hard—and grabbing coffee at The Golden Pear with friends. This year, I’m trying to get to the beach more, but I’m not the biggest beach person.

Is your golf game improving?
If you see me hit off the tee, you’d think I could be pretty decent. Once I get on the green, then you realize I’m an amateur. But I’m not giving up! What’s fun about where we golf, The Bridge [in Bridgehampton], is they don’t have a very strict dress code, so I can wear a little tennis skirt or a T-shirt, and it makes it easier.

Have you discovered  any new places out East this summer?
There are some great places in Montauk that are fun for group lunches and dinners. The big one is Duryea’s. There’s another on 27 that has been a million different things. This year, it’s Calissa, and that has a fun vibe. We eat at home a lot—my husband is a great cook—so we don’t go out that often.

What are his signature dishes?
He’s known for his meatballs. We have a big celebration in August called “Meatball Madness.” It’s a family party with all our friends and the kids too. He also makes great chicken and fish. There’s nothing he can’t make, at least that I love. That’s why I have to work out twice as hard and have added Tracy Anderson to my workout. [Laughs]

You recently redecorated. How would you describe your décor aesthetic?
When we built our house in 2000 [in Bridgehampton], it was decorated to be child-friendly. My couches had glitter glue all over them, and it definitely read “three little children live here.” As time went on, we felt we could change some of that furniture. It’s still modern and clean. Everything is white, which does scare me, but we’re hoping that as young teenagers, the kids can respect that. [Laughs] We used this great decorator, Amy Kalikow. She cleaned up the place with brighter colors and modern furniture. It became a great canvas for our art collection, which brings life to the home.

Let’s talk more about your art collection, which includes works by several  Hamptons artists.
Eric Freeman is the artist who did the square painting above the fireplace. When we bought it, he was local. My art consultant took us to see his work in a warehouse in East Hampton. The painting is bright and unique, and it fits beautifully on the wall. The orange surfboard is by Peter Dayton. He’s known for his surfboard series and flowers. Flowers weren’t really our thing. I love orange and it’s our company color, so it was a no-brainer. We have another orange painting with words and numbers, by a German artist. I just loved that piece! We bought some of these before my company. I guess I always liked orange.

What do you have lined up for Fall?
Right now, we’re getting ready for market. We developed a new cover-up line that comes out in November. We have a lot of photo shoots coming up and our Spring 2018 line is doubled from last year. Fall just started to drop in stores in July. It’s one of my favorite seasons to dress for—I love wearing a sweater and a cute jacket or fur shrug. All of our furs are faux furs. We wanted to do a whole collection of them in a lot of fun colors, like blue and orange, which ties back to our Fall color palette, which is a little more rustic and jewel-toned. We’re also increasing our variety of sweaters and jackets, and we’ve been working on our selection of bottoms. Now there are bottoms for every top. That came from feedback from the department stores. Customers love our tops and dresses, but really want a full outfit. We’re more of a collection now than
ever before.

Tell us more about the cover-up line!
The whole reason I developed it is because when I travel, I want to feel what I call “easy glam.” To me, the best cover-ups are comfortable, pretty, and look right over your bathing suit. We also developed a few bikinis in solid colors to match the cover-ups. It was important for me to develop a few that are long, flowy, and sexy, and some that are cute and short. The cover-ups are focused on brights and prints, which makes it really fun. There’s something for everybody, which is the same DNA as my ready-to-wear line.

How do you spend your time in the Hamptons in the Fall months?
Fall is the prettiest time in the Hamptons. When the kids were younger, we did pumpkin and apple picking. We’ll probably still do that—carve the pumpkin, take out the seeds, and cook them up. I love going out to eat in the Fall, because you can actually get into the restaurants. [Laughs] It’s such a different crowd. It’s relaxing and beautiful during that time of the year, so it’s such a joy coming here on the weekends.

PLUS!!! Ramy’s picks for the new season…

Blush is one of my favorite colors. Depending on how you wear it, it can be romantic or edgy.

Emily Ratajkowski in Altuzarra(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Silver is the perfect neutral, and we offer the color year-round. Selena is a combination of sexy and elegant in this silver dress.

Selena Gomez in Louis Vuitton (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Velvet is the trifecta: flattering, comfortable, and super luxe. It easily dresses up an outfit.

Cara Delevingne in Balmain (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Statement sleeves and jeans are a match made in heaven—easy but cool.

Olivia Palermo in Elie Saab (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

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