Raf Simons Has a Margiela Collection, Elegance and Charm at Lanvin

by Aria Darcella
Raf Simons

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Raf Simons Collections Vintage Martin Margiela (Highsnobiety)
When asked what he thinks of fashion exhibits, Raf Simons admits he never really considered putting his own pieces on display. However, there is one designer he has found himself collecting: Martin Margiela. Simons reveals that Margiela was one of the main reasons he wanted to become a fashion designer. When he was just starting out in fashion, Simons had the opportunity to attend a Margiela show. Due to the limitations of fashion reporting at the time (the Internet wasn’t a runway resource yet), his concept of the industry was defined by brands and designers that were more glamorous. As such, Margiela’s wares stood out to Simons, and for the first time he felt a connection to fashion.

“That show really changed me drastically — if I would not have seen that show, I don’t really think I would have ever become a fashion designer,” he explained. “I think that’s the reason why I’m collecting him now, because it’s not about having the garment… I’ve been collecting Margiela since the day that Martin left Maison Margiela. The whole body of work from the beginning… and he knows it too, because we are in touch. Maybe it’s going to be very different. Maybe I can do [an exhibit] with him. But for me, it’s such an important thing in my own life, actually, as a creative animal and as a thinker.”

Raf Simons

Raf Simons (Getty Images)

Elegance and Charm at Lanvin
Bruno Sialelli has an excellent handle on the history of the house of Lanvin, without reducing its heritage to a series of specific cuts or looks. He’s tapped in to the label’s couture stature, using  precise tailoring and an emphasis on outerwear to bring something of a vintage elegance to the Fall 2020 collection. But his work is not without Lanvin’s trademark whimsy — delicate illustrations of four leaf clovers dotted many of the pieces, while gold art nouveau pins adorned a few of the lapels.

Clothing Rental Services Are the New Hot Amenity for Luxury Hotels (New York Times)
To help guests lighten the load when it comes to packing — or to give them a sense of being pampered — hotels are increasingly offering options to rent or borrow clothing. A massive partnership began with W hotels and Rent the Runway last December. But some hotels are partnering with specific brands like Hunter or Lululemon to offer an added value to a guest’s stay.

An Update at Outdoor Voices (Business of Fashion)
Last week, Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney announced she was stepping down as CEO of the company. At the time it was thought she would remain with the company in a “different role.” On Tuesday, the company announced that Haney is leaving entirely. “Tyler has made a personal decision to resign from Outdoor Voices. We respect her choice and wish her the best,” the brand said in a statement. “As the founder of our company and a creative visionary, she brought Outdoor Voices to an important stage in our evolution.”

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