Prada Spring 2015

by Paige Reddinger

At Prada this season, Miuccia Prada delivered some of her greatest hits, which included top-stitched, buttoned up outerwear as well as sumptuous leather coats. There were also knee-length skirts with cardigans, knee-high stockings in various colors and patterns, and one fabulous black and white fur. These are all motifs we’ve seen Prada do before.

Perhaps out of the comfort zone for Miuccia, who’s known for her quirky, unconventional style, were the brocade pieces that looked as though they had been lifted from the ornate walls and bedrooms of palaces or museums. There was an antique quality that ran throughout, even down to the white ruffled collar on some pencil dresses that evoked a sort of toned-down Elizabethan quality. But in case you thought she was veering into ornate or beautiful territory, these garments came with undone hemlines, strings of fabric hanging off of the garments. Plus, some of the brocade pieces were done in patchwork on a house coat or a slim pencil dress, which took away the regal quality. And, of course, leave it to Miuccia to come up with some strange footwear that fashion diehards will eventually be clamoring for: clogs. Yes, clogs have been done before on many runways, but none of them came as ’70s-inspired sky-high platforms like they did here. Prada’s runways never look like any others, and that’s why the fashion flock anticipates her shows so anxiously each season. Will some pieces be kind of ugly? Yes. Will you be saving all of your pennies for them the second the collection hits stores? Naturally.

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