Phillip Picardi Leaving New York Full of Regrets, ALT’s Book Getting Early Release

by Charles Manning

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Phillip Picardi Reflects on a Decade of Regret as He Announces He Is Leaving New York (Fruity)
Phillip Picardi, former Out and teenVOGUE editor and founder of Them, is leaving New York City for Los Angeles. His husband, an ER doctor, has a new job, so he and Picardi will head out in the coming weeks, not to return for a long, long time. As Picardi prepares to depart, he looks back on his time in the city full of regret. Regret for time spent (too much at his various high-profile jobs, and not nearly enough with the people he loves), money squandered (so many expensive outfits), and the lack of perspective and wisdom that might have spared him so much heartache. “I regret that I spent most of my time obsessed with fulfilling my wide-eyed, New York City dreams without realizing that they weren’t making me happy at all,” he writes. “The city whizzed by me in a blur as I sat in the backseat of too many cabs, my neck craned downwards as I answered emails or Slack messages on my phone.”

Andre Leon Talley’s Book Will Be Released in May, Not September (WWD)
“After André Leon Talley kicked off a firestorm of publicity last week with his memoir “The Chiffon Trenches: A Memoir,” the book’s publisher Ballantine has moved up the release date to May 19 from September,” writes WWD. “Originally slated to hit stores this week, last month the book’s debut was shelved until the fall due to the COVID-19 shutdown. Recent media coverage — much of which described in detail the great divide between Talley and his former boss Anna Wintour — upended that plan, after consumers’ interest ramped up. Copies of Talley’s tome had already been scheduled to be printed this month.”

Anna Wintour and André Leon Talley at the premiere of “The Butler” in 2013 (Shutterstock)

Gigi Hadid Expecting First Child With Zayne Malik and Fans Think It’s a Boy (InStyle)
“Though neither party has shared the news publicly, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are reportedly expecting their first child together. Reports have the model at 20 weeks along, and while it’s unclear whether the couple knows the sex of their child, fans sure have a lot of thoughts on the matter,” writes InStyle.

“Social media users are speculating that a clue about the sex of the child (children?) can be found in the Instagram slideshow she posted following her 25th birthday last week. Hadid posed with two silver balloons on her birthday — a two and a five — the two had a blue ribbon dangling from its string, while the five had a pink one. In the sixth photo in the slideshow, Hadid and Malik are photographed hugging, and the former is holding just one balloon, the two.”

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Had the sweetest day celebrating my 25th birthday with my quarantine family, who made it so special for me, along with all the love I felt from all over the world! Thank you to everyone for the birthday messages, I carried you with me yesterday!! 💛🙏 I am grateful and lucky that my family and friends -near and far- are healthy and safe, and although I missed loved ones I wish I could have celebrated with, know that these times will make us even more grateful for togetherness to be had in the future ! I will never forget my 25th bday! +++The icing on the perfect quarantine bday was finding out my surprise everything-bagel-cake was made by the one and only Cake Boss @buddyvalastro who I have watched for over a decade. I CRIED REAL TEARS! BUDDY! This is a dream come true. I can’t believe you made this cake for me while the bakery is closed. It means more to me than you know, and when we hopefully meet some day you will truly know that there almost isn’t an episode I’ve missed. 10/10 would be a Carlo’s intern whenever needed. 😆 Grateful, honored, your biggest fan. 🥯🥯🥯🥯🍰

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The Academy Awards Will Go On (Vanity Fair)
Film production has ground to a halt and theaters across the country and arounf the world are closed indeffinitely, but the 2021 Oscars will go one. For now at least. Albeit with some new rules.

“Academy rules previously stipulated that a film must have at least a seven-day theatrical run in the Los Angeles area to qualify for the Oscars,” writes Vanity Fair. “That has caused controversy among members amid the rise of streaming services like Netflix, which has come on strong in the Oscar race in recent years, thanks to films like Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma and Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. (The company showed both films in a handful of theaters in New York and Los Angeles—in part for cineasts who wanted the experience, but mostly to satisfy the rules.)

“For right now only, the Academy is waiving the theatrical-run obligation. It’s a temporary change that will expire once quarantine rules allow theaters to reopen, as Academy leaders say they remain otherwise committed to keeping movies in movie theaters. The Academy plans to then reinstate its previous policy.”

Allison Janney at the 2018 Academy Awards (Shutterstock)

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