Perry Patrol! With Stylist Johnny Wujek

by The Daily Front Row

Katy Perry’s main man when it comes to getting gussied up, stylist Johnny Wujek, filled The Daily in on the styling grind, his other clients, and how he first crossed paths with Perry…

How often do brands court you?
Daily. I get hit up by all these PR girls. Even Valentino said, ‘We’d love Katy Perry to wear our couture.’

Do you join clients at events?
It’s tradition to be with Katy on the red carpet. At the Grammys, I’m on train patrol. But Katy’s the only client I do that for!

How did you meet Katy?
We were at an event 10 years ago. She was with a cute guy—I kept looking at him, and she was looking at me. I went to the bar, and Katy said, ‘Are you on his team or my team?’ and I was like, ‘I’m on his team.’ I said, ‘If you ever need a stylist, I’m your guy.’ Katy just never stopped calling!

You style Kate Mara and Amber Heard, too. Who else do you work with?
I’ve started working with Bella Thorne. But working with Katy is so full-time, I’m not looking to take on many others. But Kim Kardashian has been hitting me up lately. I just did her Christmas card. She’d be a fun one! 

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