Opening Ceremony And Intel Unveil The Details On Their New MICA Smart Bracelet

by Paige Reddinger
Mica by Intel and Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony and Intel have finally disclosed all of the details behind their new wearable technology bracelet called MICA. The bracelet successfully marries style with wearable technology with 18-karat gold finishes with a curved sapphire touch screen in two styles: a black water snake skin bracelet with pears from China and lapis stones from Madagascar and a white water snake skin bracelet with tiger’s eye from South Africa and obsidian from Russia. The bracelet connects to the wearer’s text messages, Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook events, and Yelp to notify users when they have incoming messages or upcoming events.

As for the notifications, the bracelet can be tailored to specific contacts that are deemed important and you can send quick replies straight from the bracelet without ever having to dig your phone out of your bag. In a meeting? Don’t even take your phone with you. The MICA can alert you through vibrations when an important text or email comes in. Plus, you can locate business and restaurant reviews straight from your wrist. The bracelet has up to two days of battery life, is chargeable through a USB cord, and comes with a two-year AT&T data service plan paid for by Intel. As for security, the bracelet can be remotely located if lost and also comes with a locking system to protect your information. “The wearable space is an exciting, rapidly expanding category, and it has been a thrill to be involved in the convergence of fashion and technology through this collaboration with Intel,” said Opening Ceremony co-founder and creative director Humberto Leon in a statement. The $495 bracelet will be available in December, exclusively in the U.S. at Opening Ceremony and select Barneys locations as well as online through both retailers.




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