One Final Met Party For The Road

by Eddie Roche

While many iced their feet and nursed hangovers yesterday after all the Met Ball parties and the after parties (and the after parties after that), a few brave souls got dressed up again and took in one last shindig last night. Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch hosted a smaller gathering for the Friends of The Costume Institute, to celebrate “China: Through The Looking Glass”. Curator Andrew Bolton, Thom Browne, Diane Von Furstenberg, Barry Diller, Amy Fine Collins, Stephen Jones, Harold Koda, Kim Kassel, Peter Block, and Jennifer Creel were a few of the faces at the more subdued cocktail party which is an annual event for members. What are the perks of being a friend of the Costume Institute? Supporters get an early preview of the exhibition, private tours, discussions, special luncheons, and Anna Wintour will really, really like you.  Annual dues are $10,000, and $8,768 of that is tax deductible. The under-40 set get half off, with annual dues going for $5,000. Learn more HERE.

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