Odd Jobs! With Lucky’s Alexis Bryan Morgan

by The Daily Front Row

From sandwich artist to lifeguard, we heard some wild things about your first jobs this week chicsters, but Lucky’s fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan might just take the cake!

What were your weirdest jobs before getting into mags?
For a minute, I was a sonogram model. I went to get one and was told I had perfect, textbook internal organs. Also, I picked peas for my dad in his garden.

What are you allergic to?
Bad style and general uncleanliness.

Who are you rooting for for the oscars?
Oscar…Meyer Weiners? Actually…I really don’t know. Lupita Nyong’o maybe, because she has really great style.

Who are you rooting to win at the Oscars?
Oscar…Meyer Weiners? I really don’t know. Maybe Lupita Nyong’o, because she has really great style.

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