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NYFW Things to Discuss…and Ignore

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Consider your cocktail banter set for the week: The Daily to the fash bon mots-filled rescue! 

Things to Discuss:
1. John Galliano’s in New York; Alex Wang’s in Paris 
2. Media musical chairs: What will the front row look like this season? The Daily’s Media Issue, out February 10th, investigates: Tonchi, Garcia y Gonzalez, T and WSJ., Virginie Mouzat…
3. Speaking of, is T mag’s new logo a homage to the History Channel? 
4. Grace Coddington’s memoir spotted on sale at Anthropologie.

Things to Ignore:
1. Holmes and Yang’s adieu to the Tents
2. Occupy Wall Street “interns” protesting Fashion Week.
3. The word “multi-platform” in party conversation
4. The germophobia piece in The New York Times. Yes, Linda Fargo is still going to parties.


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