Nouveau Nutrients

by Alexandra Ilyashov

WHAT: Aloha The Daily Good

WHY: How do you take your greens? Opt for dried, so long as it’s Aloha’s The Daily Good, a brilliant blend of 14 (yes, 14!) fruits and veggies, including wheatgrass, wild blueberries, lemon, and raspberries, tucked into convenient, sleek single-use packets. (On the slightly wild-card front, there’s also moringa, spirulina, and a trifecta of mushrooms in the mix…) The chicly designed health booster can be tossed in that water bottle, blended into your a.m. yogurt, and mixed with the next supersmoothie you’re whipping up. With a hint of Hawaiian red alaea sea salt, the wonder-powder is great for savory-inclined folks, since it’s not too sweet. Want a bit more flavor? Try the brand new Berry Blend and Chocolate Cacao varieties. Bottoms up!

AVAILABLE: $75 for a 30-pack,

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