No. 21 Spring/Summer 2018

by Paige Reddinger

Alesandro Dell’Acqua lost creative control of his eponymous label several years ago, and while that’s a devastating moment for any designer, Dell’Acqua chose to revisit his archives and marry them with No.21’s sportier tastes, for a happy walk down memory lane. Looks like a sheer sheath dress with paillettes worn over read underwear was reinvented from a look that once walked one of his runways in 1997, one year after he founded his own label. A botanical lace on a nude sheer button down was the first lace the designer ever used. The pale pink and nude shimmering sequined pieces with chiffon overlay were certainly the toast of the collection and a social media favorite to boot.

Change is always good even when difficult, but who say’s a little nostalgia isn’t a good thing? Dell’Acqua proved that some of his earliest ideas remain his best.

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