Nike Launches First Ever Maternity Collection

by Freya Drohan

The sportswear brand has launched its first dedicated maternity collection, Nike (M), to support women during all stages of their pregnancy.

The venture was three years in the making, and utilized feedback from some 150,000 comparison scans of non-pregnant women against those of pregnant women. Designers also gathered detailed feedback on fit, feel, and function from nearly 30 female athletes who were either pregnant or postpartum.

The collection features a sports bra made from dry wick material that absorbs moisture from breast milk, tights with a stretchy waistband—that can be folded down or pulled over the belly—and a tank top with a scoop neck for convenient nursing. There’s also a reversible fleece cover-up that adapts to a woman’s changing body during each trimester.

The campaign, photographed by Cass Bird, features Spanish swimmer Ona Carbonell, American activist and athlete Marz Lovejoy and golfer Michelle Wie West, Jamaican fashion model Janeil Williams, and British Olympian Perri Edwards.

Janeil Williams

Ona Carbonell

Michelle Wie West

Perri Edwards

Marz Lovejoy

The collection will drop in North America and Europe on Sept. 17.

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