Nicole Miller’s Guide To Eating Alfresco

by Alexandra Ilyashov

A tasty morsel from our latest issue of The Daily Summer! Our resident foodie, Nicole Miller, shared her Hamptons crib sheet for any BBQ, picnic, or boating adventure.

Burger 411:
I get ground chuck from Schiavoni’s. I like medium rare, but my husband likes well-done, so I put his on first and mine last.

Toppings talk: Cheese, always! Either blue cheese or Swiss, plus pickles. I love sourdough buns, but you can’t find them everywhere.

Best burger out East: LT Burger in Sag Harbor. I usually have the Standard. The Mexican is sometimes nice for a change.

Condiment chatter: I go for Dijon mustard; I like ketchup and mustard mixed, too.

Haute dogs: Ball Park Franks are best. They’re my son’s favorite, too. I do ketchup, mustard, and sometimes relish.

BBQ musts: I’ll put a whole chicken in my smoker. I make more unusual things than burgers and dogs on the grill when I’m entertaining.

Thoughts on…coleslaw? I hate coleslaw! Instead, I make celery rémoulade with celery root.

Potato salad M.O.: I love homemade potato salad with lots of herbs. I use red potatoes with the skins on. I use oil and vinegar, unless I make my own mayo.

Deviled eggs: discuss. Not my thing!

Picnicking essentials: Lobsters from the Dock Bar, with chilled chardonnay, chips and salsa from Serene Green, and fresh mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes from Red Horse Market, eaten at the beach in Sagaponack.

Sailing snacks: Soppressata on baguettes from Cavaniola’s, with North Fork chips.

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