Nicole Miller Looks To The Last Girls’ Trip She Took For Pre-Fall ’21 Inspiration

by Freya Drohan

Ahh, travel. Remember it? Nicole Miller certainly had vacationing on the brain while dreaming up her Pre-Fall 2021 offering. The New York City-based designer cast her thoughts back to a February visit to Thailand with her girlfriends, right before the pandemic gripped the world. The result is an offering of classic Nicole Miller silhouettes, with a new wanderlust-inspired guise.

Considering she’s the queen of prints—from leopard and paisley to rock n’ roll motifs—it’s surprisingly the first time that Miller has used symbolic elephants as a jumping off point. On Zoom, she explained how she was so taken with her time spent with local animal conservationists in Khao Yai National Park during the trip that she knew she had to incorporate the animal into her line. The majestic Indian elephants were allowed to roam freely, and Miller’s fondest memory was peacefully feeding them food like coconuts. These moments influenced everything from the color palette—safari-style khakis, rich earthy tones, and hues inspired by early morning sunrises—to the actual prints themself.

The unrivaled feeling of being OOO and on a vacation also came through in the overall mood of the clothes: a nonchalant off the shoulder long sleeve blouse here, a free-flowing skirt there, and plenty of carefree bleached denim and laidback loungewear for good measure.

In her own words, Miller said that for her, the elephants, which are seen throughout, are symbols of both strength and good fortune.”These wild creatures remind us that thriving in challenging times depends on strength, resoluteness, and resilience,” she added. Until then, here’s a collection we can emulate more free-spirited times in.

See the full collection below:

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