Nicola Formichetti Goes Off on Fashion Bloggers: “They Don’t Really Know Anything”

by Sydney Sadick

You can always count on Nicola Formichetti to speak his mind loud and clear! The Talks, a weekly online interview magazine spearheaded by Sven Schumann and Johannes Bonke, just released an interview with the talent that sheds light on his opinions of the fashion industry today, and most interestingly, his shift in thinking when it comes to the power and business of fashion bloggers and social media influencers.

“It’s really terrible! The people that I work with are mostly millennials — 16, 17, 18 — the younger the better! I love working with young people, of course, but I look at them and sometimes it’s a little too much,” Formichetti said on how social media is being used these days. “It’s like their life is based on that square of Instagram: how many likes they can get, how many followers they can get. People are actually saying, ‘That photo got less likes than the other photo so this photo must be worse than the other one.’ Even when I work with casting agencies they send me models with their number of Instagram followers and I’m like, ‘What the [redacted], I don’t care!’ Like, if they have similar girls next to each other, if one of them has more followers is she a better model?”

“At the very beginning I loved it when bloggers started integrating into the fashion, when I saw them sitting in the front rows at Fashion Week, I was so excited, like ‘Yes! All the young kids, they’re going to change this industry.’ A few years later they’re just dead, they’re so easily bought by the companies. Of course, there are a few great bloggers but overall it’s just flat. They don’t really know anything, the only thing they know is how to take a selfie!”

Click here to read more about Formichetti’s thoughts and concerns on the repercussions of fast-fashion and more.

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