Nick Gruber's Ex Opens Up About Their Special Times

by The Daily Front Row

Oh, Nick Gruber. Truly the gift that keeps on giving…We’re actually quite fond of Gruber because he couldn’t have been sweeter when he visited The Daily offices earlier this summer to talk to us about life since Calvin Klein and how’s he’s just misunderstood. This week he’s been in the news due to an incident in Fire Island with porn titan Michael Lucas while visiting Hal Rubenstein in the Pines. He also did a funny interview with Michael Musto for Gawker where he brought up a lot of the same things we talked to him about in July and dismissed the notion that he was a rentboy. Not so fast, says Gruber pal (and ex?) John Luciano who called Gawker to tell his side of his story and confirms that NG is indeed straight. “At the end of the day, if he can choose between sleeping with Zac Efron and Betty White, he’s going to choose Betty White, because that’s the way he is,” Lucianno tells Gawker. “When he went back with Calvin, Calvin should have just let him sleep with women, and he would have been fine. He’s gay for pay, and that’s what it is.” Nice to see we’ve finally got that one cleared up. The two did have some alleged sexy times with Luciano coughing up some details on Nick’s performance in the sack. “The worst lover I’ve ever had! I like Nick and am friends with him and still try to help him and I’m the one who encouraged him to get back with Calvin, but our relationship was very open.” And how about the true love between CK + NG? “Calvin was in love with his body and Nick was in love with the wallet. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I date younger guys and as long as it’s legal, it’s OK, but I don’t fool myself.” With friends like these…

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