Next Big Thing? Knock Knock Comes Knockin’

by Eddie Roche

photo knock

Now that we’re all familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and SnapChat, another new kid in social media has arrived. Yesterday, we were introduced to a new (and free!) application, Knock Knock, which bills itself as “the app that makes the world a little less awkward, one connection at a time.” The mobile app is set to (finally) kick the rusty business card to the curb, and let you exchange your contact details, as much as you want or don’t want, through your phone to friends, business associates, and eventually potential loves when this takes off. All your essentials are there: phone number, Facebook info, Instagram account, etc. and you choose what details you’ll give out to the person. When you meet someone new (who also has the app installed) you open Knock Knock and (gently) knock your screen twice. That alerts the other person’s app that you want to connect.  If they knock their phone, all the information is transferred to them. Their mission is to remove all the unnecessary awkwardness of connecting with people in the flesh. The app also includes group chats and photo and location sharing. “Thinking back to my first week of college, I remember wishing there was a way to keep track and remember all of the new people I met. We created Knock Knock as a fun solution that takes the pressure off when navigating these situations, utilizing technology that mirrors our real-life social tendencies,” Ankur Jain, CEO of Humin, the company responsible for launching Knock Knock explains. Heavyweight investors behind it include Sir Richard Branson, and Sophia Bush, who all appear in the video below explaining what this is all about. You heard it here, kids.




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