Natalie Bloomingdale Talks Her New E-Commerce Biz, The SIL

by Sydney Sadick

PR maven Natalie Bloomingdale has merged her experience on the publicity side of fashion and her love for the sartorial into one venture: an e-commerce destination dubbed The SIL—translation: Stuff I Love—featuring a roundup of her favorite things. Bloomingdale fills us in on the platform and why her last name might ring a bell… 

How’d you come up with the idea to launch The SIL?
The idea started because of how much I obsess over and love Dallas designer Tish Cox. I kind of couldn’t handle it that she didn’t have an Internet presence, and I felt compelled to change that so that more people could have access to her ladylike and unconventional pieces.

What’s featured on the site?
What’s on The SIL can’t be found anywhere else on the Internet. Whether they are exclusives, like Melissa Bui’s stunning designs, pieces that were created specifically for The SIL, like Hayden Lasher’s custom-dyed evening bag, or one-of-a-kind pieces, like the beautiful creations by Martha Medeiros, I have created this niche online destination for people who also like to hunt for new closet children. I say that in jest, but really, everything I buy has to be meaningful, and I figured I wasn’t the only one.

Why did you decide to offer only female entrepreneur designers?
It wasn’t strategic—it’s just how it unfolded! Same with my PR firm. We have only female entrepreneurs on our client roster. Every year we’ve been in business, we’ve gotten one of them on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, something we are proud of.

Who’s your customer? 
This is not for everyone, which is definitely okay. It’s for people who appreciate the hard-to-find, the individualist. Their lives are enriching, and the things they buy reflect that. I’ll be adding pieces often, so I’m assuming it will draw a likeminded shopper who will check back to be sure they don’t miss anything!

Take us back to how you got started in fashion!
I’ve always been a collector. There’s a story to every piece in my closet. I remember the sales associate I worked with, where I was in life when I purchased it, etc. Some people call these the hallmarks of a professional hoarder.

Have you thought about launching your own line?
I don’t think I could design something more than I love Tish Cox’s pieces. I just met Molly Moorkamp, who is also doing amazing custom pieces. I’m going to bring a skirt of hers to the site for Fall.

Goals for The SIL going forward?
I am really in to art…I would love to explore bringing a couple of artists on board. Most artworks are one-of-a-kind by nature, so it would make sense. My plan is to really keep this niche.

You’re a co-owner of the PR agency Nash & Lee. Is this your background?
Yes! I majored in PR at the University of Texas—hook em. While I was in college, I worked at a startup PR firm in Austin and graduated a semester early and headed to L.A. to work for Lara Shriftman at Harrison & Shriftman. I also worked at The Richards Group in Dallas, which was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life! Ashley Kraus [my partner] and I met at Starworks Group. We work with clients like Eberjey, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott of The GREAT, Hayden Lasher, Janessa Leone, and Vrai & Oro.

Your husband is Betsy Bloomingdale’s grandson. Do people often ask you about that connection?
Not as much as they used to ask me if I was related to James Bond, when Bond was my last name.

Ha! What are your non-negotiables when it comes to deciding whether to splurge?
I always have to sleep on it. If I wake up the next morning still obsessing, it’s game over. I become like a huntsman. Maybe more like a sniper.

Latest splurge?
I can’t say…my husband might be reading this!

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