Naomi Campbell On Her Iconic Fall, LVMH Invests In Madhappy

by Aria Darcella
Naomi Campbell Vivienne Westwood

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Naomi Campbell Discusses Her Iconic Fall on Vivienne Westwood’s Runway (Youtube)
One of Vivienne Westwood’s hallmark designs are her sky-high platform heels. They’re so tricky to walk in, that even a pro like Naomi Campbell had trouble. In fact, she took a tumble on Westwood’s runway in 1993. Recently, British Vogue had the designer and the model sit down in conversation, and naturally the big fall came up. Campbell admits she was embarrassed about the fall. “I felt like I should have practiced more. And that comes from my training in dance,” she explains. “I know how to walk in those shoes now. There’s a trick to walking in those shoes!” The trick being to put your weight on your toes, not your heel.

But Westwood refused to let Campbell take the blame, instead noting that the model was also wearing tricky rubber stockings that hindered her movement. There seems to be some truth to this — when Campbell hit the runway again in the show, she did so without the tights, and nailed her walk in the shoes. The whole interview is worth a watch, especially when the duo discuss the aftermath of the fall. Campbell explains that the amount of press it generated sparked other designers to ask her to fall on their runway.

LVMH Invests In Streetwear Brand Madhappy (Business of Fashion)
L.A.-based streetwear label Madhappy just raised $1.8 million in a round of seed investments. Leading the investors was LVMH Luxury Ventures. Tommy Hilfiger also invested into the young brand, which was founded in 2017. The digitally-native startup is popular with Gen Z and has plans to open permanent locations in New York and L.A. next year.


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The Rise of “Closet Accounts” on Instagram (New York Times)
Teenagers are leading a burgeoning industry on Instagram: closet accounts, which identify the pieces of clothing worn by celebrities and influencers. Those who run the accounts scour the internet to track down the exact brands worn, and the prices of the pieces. It might be a niche genre on the ‘gram, but it’s quite competitive. New accounts pop-up every day, all racing to be the first to find items. Running these pages is hard work, but it’s easy to see why followers are so interested in them — it’s the easiest way to know the exact brands and pieces their favorite celebs, TV characters, and influencers are wearing.

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