Naomi Campbell Is In the Most Power Fashion Group Chat Ever

by Aria Darcella
Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is nothing if not loyal to her friends. Anyone who has ever seen an interview with her knows that when you’re in her orbit, you’re basically family. It should come as no surprise that she is part of a group chat with some of her closest pals in the industry. But damn, the caliber of one particular text group is basically fashion royalty.

In a new profile in WSJ. Magazine, it is revealed that Campbell’s chat includes her fellow supermodel Trinity members Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. The photographer that captured their rise — Steven Meisel — is also in it, as are makeup artists Pat McGrath and François Nars. Finally, designers Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui are in the mix. This immediately conjures more questions. What do they talk about? How often is the chat updated? Does the group have a name? Who is most likely to lurk (reading everything, but not responding)? Who spams the group with memes? That last one is probably Jacobs. He seems funny. I’ll bet Marc even makes his own memes. But alas, we’ll never know!

(WSJ. Magazine, Annemerieke Van Drimmelen)

Overall, the profile is incredibly in-depth. Campbell is more open about her life than ever, discussing her experiences of working in fashion, and how her rise to the top was a constant struggle due to discrimination. It’s a beautiful, fascinating portrait of her, that still finds ways to throw in fun tidbits. For example, Campbell is extremely superstitious. “If I lose something I look at it as it was meant to be gone. Don’t look for it. It was meant to leave,” she says. “I believe if things [like jewelry] fall off me and I find it, I don’t put it back on my body.”

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