16 Must-See Brands Showing at Coterie This Season

by The Daily Front Row

NYFW is winding down and Coterie is heating up! Check out some of the great designers and brands showing this season.

1. French Connection

Coterie, Level 1, Booth #633

French Connection (Courtesy)

Maria Chen, Creative Director

Did the dawn of a new decade at all influence the team’s design process?
Yes, as designers we’re always thinking about the future. We embark on the design process at least a year in advance of a new collection launching. We’re constantly thinking about the future of consumerism, how the world is rapidly changing while still reminiscing and drawing learnings from the past.

Tell us about the new collection! What was on your moodboard this season?
For womenswear, it was images of Talitha Getty and young Lisa Marie Presley. For menswear, it was modern art, a mix-and-match of mountain sport and street, and quasi poet Americana

2. Ramy Brook

Coterie, Level 1, Booth #640

Ramy Brook (Courtesy)

Ramy Brook Sharp, Founder

What are you most excited about in your Fall collection?
We’re doing some of our popular styles in corduroy, and we’ve added denim jackets—cool, untraditional styles in denim and corduroy, some with faux fur. We’re also doing a whole canvas collection, mostly jackets. It’s the first time we’re offering true outerwear. We’ve done faux fur, but more as toppers for dresses. We have a puffer with faux fur and another puffer that’s reversible—one side is rose gold, and the reverse is ivory, with rose gold hardware. It’s chic and super cool! I love a two-for. If you’re going to invest in a piece of clothing, you might as well get to use it in many different ways. We’re also adding suiting. We’ve done a few blazers and pants, and outfits here and there but not necessarily in a big way. Now we’re focusing on more suiting. Another category we’ve increased a lot for fall is sweaters, using different types of yarn and silhouettes.

So much is happening for your brand! What’s next?
We’re developing a perfume. Well, it’s already been developed; we already have the packaging. That’s probably going sometime around April, and we’re also doing sunglasses. That’s going to be a new category for us as well.

3. Estheme Cashmere

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #6656

Esheme Cashmere (Courtesy)

Greg Zhu, Communications

This is the first time Estheme will be at Coterie. What are you hoping to get out of the show?
Mainly, we’re looking for an agent for the U.S. market. We have one, but we’re looking for more because the U.S. is so big. Also, we’re looking for new multibrand stores to do partnerships with.

Why is cashmere such a coveted textile?
There are many reasons. The obvious one is that it’s soft. When we touch it, we instantly fall in love. We can feel it’s different. It’s a symbol of quality. People wear cashmere and feel they’re wearing something comfortable, something that should be taken care of. It’s not something that I want to throw away. I buy cashmere, I’ll be careful because it’s pricey and I will want to choose the right one and take care of my cashmere.

4. Marie Oliver

Coterie, Level 1, Booth #364

Marie Oliver (Courtesy)

Sarah Doggett Evenson, Founder and Creative Director

What inspired your latest collection?
Fall ’20 was inspired by the idea of finding the romance in autumn. We’ve mixed jewel tones and electric brights, weighted by earthy neutrals, to create a rich transseasonal palette relevant for the season, but also living long after the leaves fall. Our prints are graphic, expressive, and with an element of the unexpected. Also, we expanded outerwear this season with suede, wool, and vegan faux fur. We’re excited about the addition of “Made in Italy” knits to the collection; Italy is synonymous with quality and design.

You’re based in North Carolina. What’s the style scene like there?
Being in Greensboro, rather than a fashion hub, allows us to focus and define what success really means for us rather than being shackled by what others are doing in the industry. We have the space we need, figuratively and literally, to be creative and think outside the box about how to navigate and grow the business.

5. Zadig & Voltaire 

Coterie, Level 1, Booth #621, #928

Zadig & Voltaire (Courtesy)

Cecilia Bonstrom, Creative Director

Zadig always does phenomenal leather. What’s on tap in that department this season?
It’s true, Zadig started out 20 years ago with a good biker jacket! Now, I’ve transformed the leather we work with—it’s a thinner leather that we purposely wrinkle for 24 hours, so it looks like you slept in your boyfriend’s shirt. Simple biker jackets are still part of our identity, but they’ve become thinner and more chic. We’ve created a wardrobe of leather—shirts, skirts, dresses, and shorts. Every season, we have leather on several designs, but this season, it was very important. We worked on thicker, shinier leather for shirts and trousers for a sharp, raw look. We also used an effect to make some things more vintage and used-looking.

6. Pologeorgis

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #6916


Jenny Roberts, Director of PR

The Fall 2020 collection is quite sporty. What was the inspiration?
We loved the idea of sporty looks like parkas, sweatshirts, jean jackets, and bombers with luxe touches like fur linings and hoods. It’s all about combining style and function, comfort and ease, to create an effortless look. Our half-zip pullover is made with a nubby shearling that can take you from Silicon Valley to Vail, and our jackets were designed with fabric outer-zip pockets, reminiscent of traditional sporty styles, and finished with leather trims and drawstrings.

Tell us about the playful prints and colors in this collection!
We have reversible styles, with a solid color on one side and a playful, unexpected print on the other. We’ve also developed our own unique prints from scratch. One of our favorites is a custom floral print that we developed based on an antique fabric swatch. It’s vintage-inspired but reimagined in a modern way. We digitized the print and blew it up so the flowers really pop, then we printed it on a high-tech, weatherproof fabric and used it on a micro-down puffer coat, which gives all the warmth of down without the bulk. We’re also referencing menswear prints and fabrics, and making them more subtle and feminine, with herringbone, plaids, and tweed. And animal prints are always a best seller for us. Leopard goes with everything! This season, we added in a little color to make it less traditional.

7. Elie Tahari

Coterie, Level 1, Booth #328

Elie Tahari (Courtesy)

Elie Tahari, Founder

Tell us about your Fall 2020 collection! What can we expect to see this season?
We’ve really evolved over the past few seasons, and Fall 2020 is a great example of a modern and fresh take on the brand. This collection is inspired by Edward Hopper’s interpretations of American life, so the collection features many of the rich and moody hues this artist was known for. Of course, always striking the perfect balance between function and style, the pieces can be worn immediately or saved for later in the season.

Your first fashion show was held at Studio 54. Why did you choose that location?
The minute I stepped inside Studio 54, it just felt right. It’s so iconic, and I wanted the debut of my brand to have a true fashion moment.

8. Cavanagh Baker

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #6355

Cavanagh Baker (Courtesy)Cavanagh Baker, Owner & Designer

How is business lately?
Our pant suits have been popular among our celebrity clientele, and this season we’re dropping some fabulous new pantsuit options. We also have new coat silhouettes that can be worn as a blazer or a dress.

Seen any eye-catching celeb looks recently?
Zendaya in Tom Ford’s metal breast-plated top and skirt. A perfect example that to be unique and a fashion designer doesn’t mean over the top and over-designed.

What’s your travel beauty routine?
My most valuable item I pack is facial moisturizers. I use Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream and Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk. With all the flying I do, they help keep my face hydrated.

9. Veronica M

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #5834

Veronica Ferrer, Founder

What’s new this season?
This spring, I’m really concentrating on tops for work and date night, because my customers keep asking for more! You’ll also see lots of beautiful florals and geo-prints in my booth.

Do you have a dream product category?
I love to work out, so I think a workout or athleisure line could be in the works eventually.

10. Wooden Ships

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #7575

Wooden Ships (Courtesy)

Veronica Ferrer, Founder

What have you been working on lately?
We have been perfecting new techniques and patterns to bring a fresh look for Fall/Winter 2020. The skull trend is huge for us right now, and we have a lot of these incorporated into our collection.

Would you ever expand to other categories?
I can’t imagine designing anything other than sweaters! I live in cozy, soft, yummy sweaters when it’s cold out. They’re such a big part of my life, and I love to share them with customers.

11. Mauritius

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #7726

Mauritius (Courtesy)

Lyn Baskett, CEO of North America

What’s new this season?
A number of novelty styles—a peace sign on the back of a leather coming in three colors; a leather jacket with an amazing finish to make it look like a worn jean jacket; stars and patches that say “My life, my rules” and “Not sorry”; a leather jacket in silver foil. Finally, lots of color! Red, green, teal, blue, gold, cognac, brown, and raisin—almost every color you can imagine, all in 100 percent leather.

What would you love to produce one day?
We keep working on the perfect blazer, in leather, of course!

12. Planet by Lauren G

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #6664

Planet by Lauren G (Courtesy)

Lauren Grossman, Owner & Designer

Do you have a dream product category?
I would love to one day develop a Planet home division. I’d like to make sheets, throws, and pillows. I can envision myself and others cozying up with a Planet throw and a Planet pillow.

Did you make any resolutions for the new decade?
To have good health and keep on keeping on. Planet’s business has been increasing in volume annually. I want to keep moving forward. It has been an incredible journey.

13. Nemozena

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #1225

Design team

What’s new this season? Any product drops or new styles you’re excited about?
We are super excited about our capsule collection, The Travel Edit, which is a selection of “smart” pieces that are easy to wear, versatile, and promoting comfort as the ultimate luxury. New styles we can’t wait to show you are the pocketable suits which are perfect for the urban woman on the go. Made of non-wrinkle innovative fabric, they are easily foldable in a trendy pouch. Transformable pieces are also key this season with detachable sleeve coats worn over jackets which give a cool layering silhouette but also reversible coats made of eco-friendly leather on one side and wool on the other, styled with waist bags.

Do you have a dream product category? Something you do not currently produce, but would love to one day?
A collection of cool accessories to be mixed and matched with different pieces to dress up or down any looks. This season we have introduced pocket bags and reversible hats but we would love to take it further and develop a bigger accessory offer to complete our collection

What has been your favorite red carpet look from the recent awards shows? What star has your favorite style?
Margot Robbie at the Golden Globes wearing a Chanel Haute Couture bustier top with a lounge skirt. Simply Chic!

Did you make any resolutions for the new decade?
Shop wisely — buy less, but more timeless pieces. Travel more. Take a step back and spend more quality time with loved ones.

How often do you travel for work? What are some of your packing tips?
Traveling a lot, especially to Europe. We love Milan, the heart of the brand, but also Paris and New York — two beautiful, dynamic fashion cities. This season, our Travel Edit is perfect for traveling. We pack less but have more garments with two in one pieces and sometimes more to adapt to different climate and occasions. Packing tip: Prepare your look in advance for each day, using reversible or transformable pieces to create completely different silhouette with distinctive fabric and prints. Think lighter luggage, easier travel and a more sustainable approach to your wardrobe.

What are you plans for Valentine’s day?
A weekend getaway before presenting our FW20 collection during Paris Fashion week!

14. Aratta

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #7733

Aratta (Courtesy)

15. XCVI

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #7739

XCVI (Courtesy)

“XCVI was founded in 1996 (or XCVI in roman numerals) from the back of a mom-and-pop clothing boutique on Melrose Avenue. Together with designer Lilia Gorodnitski, the Zeltzer family manifested a shared vision of casual clothing that enrich women’s lives with joy and ease.”

16. Capote

Coterie, Level 3, Booth #7734

Capote (Courtesy)



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