MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, the Award-Winning Craft Spirit Brand to Watch

by The Daily Front Row

It’s one thing to have a drink, to enjoy its effects and taste, but it’s something else to experience your drink, which is exactly what you get with family-owned craft distillery, MurLarkey. The fast-growing company—in offerings, size, and fanbase—embodies the Irish heritage, culture, rich flavors, and unmatched love for life, wholeheartedly. Although the MurLarkey headquarters are in Virginia, word of its unparalleled quality is traveling across the country thanks to an impressive array of medals and accolades that the young company has been steadily acquiring since its formation in 2016.

MurLarkey is the brainchild of two families—the Murrays and Larkins—who joined forces and turned what initially started as a fun passion-project, into a full-fledged successful business. Although the Irish are typically known for their whiskey, the craft distillery does it all, producing whiskey, gin, and vodka—and it even has an incredible bourbon launch on the horizon. Not only does MurLarkey pretty much cover the spirit-spectrum, it does so at the award-winning level, with all four of its beverage categories holding various awards—a truly rare achievement.

The company’s CEO Tom Murray adds: “to the best of our knowledge, there’s no other craft distillery out there that has won gold in three categories, and a ‘Best of Category’ in another.” The broad selection and long list of prized titles speak for themselves, but MurLarkey’s values make it that much more appealing. “We’re very community oriented and do a lot of charity work, and community give back,” explains Tom. This winning combo has earned MurLarkey a highly dedicated fanbase, which is referred to as the “MurLarkey Army”—further proof of the level of success a company can reach when they do things the right way, with passion.

MurLarkey is “in the business of bringing people together to celebrate life and share simple pleasures,” and it does this while remaining eco-friendly. Its products are sustainably produced in small batches with locally sourced natural ingredients, or “farm-to-flask,” as the company’s messaging states. Whether you’re looking for a cocktail mixture or a rich drink on the rocks, MurLarkey has something for everyone—from classic to avant-garde. “People are loyal to the brand because it’s real, authentic, and exceptional,” notes Tom. Head to the company’s website to see the full lineup of offerings, and discover what makes MurLarkey so special by finding your perfect match, or a few.

Written by: Tommy Herd
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