Mr Bernavil x Xtrabeats are the co producer behind CEO SLOW new album

by DN News Desk

An American Haitian record producer Thomas Bernavil, professionally known as Mr Bernavil has gained success in the R&B genre with his work with Grammy HMI winning artists . His production includes work on HaitianBird debut album, “Haitian Bird 2.0” keed coulgi  which had peaked at number one HMI Top hiphop Album. Mr Bernavil is best known for producing MiG Arogan & Silow Capone  “Blazed Up ”, peaking at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. His work includes songs for artists like Silow Capone , MiG Arogan , Almighty Jay , Ni’Anah, Almighty Gaud , HaitianBird, Atys Panch , BigFa , Dramafls , Steves J Bryan , Bruno Mali , Gazman Couleur .

Although mr Bernavil immense success in the Hip Hop/Rap and R&B scene, his talents accommodate multiple genres. His ability to move across cultures has brought about records like Bigfa  “Men Patat La” ft. MiG Arogan. Growing up as a musician, he used his rhythmic style and melodic ear to weave between genres with a skillfully distinct creative process.

 Mr Bernavil has worked with dancehall, pop, latin artists and more. Although early on in his career, Videography  played a part in his production, Loulou Beatz is heavily influenced by the work of producer group, Zaytoven . With limitless potential, an exciting sound, and unparalleled skills, Mr Bernavil is creating the sounds of a generation

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