Moschino Spring 2015

by Dena Silver

According to Jeremy Scott‘s latest looks for Moschino, this is Barbie’s world, and we’re just living in it. Moving on from Fall’s overindulgence in McDonald’s and fast food delights, Spring at the Italian label is very blonde and totally obsessed with bubble gum pink. It all started with look une: a pink leather moto jacket crop top with a coordinating moto skirt, pink peep toe heels, and a pink leather moto jacket purse. From there, the Mattel logo was Moschino-fied, and then the Barbie adventures really began: Western Barbie donned a pair of blue sequin jeans and pink Cowboy boots, Beach Barbie mixed work and play by wearing her yellow polka dot bikini over a blue skirt suit, and Princess Barbie was dolled up in a gown, covered with huge purple sequins and accessorized with a pink faux fur stole. While the commercial appeal of a collection like this is questionable (because really, what’s the appropriate occasion for a faux-towel dress?), expect plenty of red carpet cameos, and Scott’s fanatics will snap up his cheeky latest. It’s also the ultimate feel-good collection. You’ve been warned: a smile or three is a definite side effect of flipping through the collection’s 53 looks!

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