Moroccanoil Co-Founder Carmen Tal Talks “Fearless Beauty”

by Kristen Heinzinger

You’ve likely noticed Moroccanoil using the phrase “Fearless Beauty” a lot lately. The beauty brand’s co-founder Carmen Tal gives the scoop on what the new verbiage (and initiative) is all about!

Where did the idea for Fearless Beauty begin?
Women have always been the inspiration behind the luxurious, performance-driven and easy-to-use beauty products for which Moroccanoil is known. Now more than ever, Moroccanoil is committed to empowering today’s dynamic, ever-changing woman to indulge in fearless hair styling. We have created breakthrough products that give women the ability to explore boundless, new hairstyles guilt-free and with bold confidence—knowing that their hair journey is always safe with Moroccanoil.

How did you select the four women in the campaign?
We selected four inspirational women we felt truly embodied the essence of living fearlessly in their everyday lives, as well as in their beauty routines, thanks to the Moroccanoil Repair and Protect Collections. Aldara Ortega, as an underwater photographer; Traci Copeland, as a fitness instructor; Zazoe van Lieshout, as a model; and Lohelani Hicks, as a skateboarder. Each of these women relay their own unique hair damage story that people may relate to.

What does Fearless Beauty mean to you?
To me, Fearless Beauty means living your life with confidence and chasing your passion fearlessly—whatever that may be. It means celebrating the liberty to explore limitless boundaries and empowering others to do the same.

Where do you see the initiative heading next?
Fearless Beauty started out as a creative concept to illustrate the power of our Moroccanoil Repair and Protect Collections and will continue to evolve as we begin to launch overseas. There are countless women around the world doing so many incredible things, so the possibilities to profile additional women are endless! We want to empower all women to be fearless in their beauty regimens—no one should have to let damage from heat styling or environmental factors hold them back from expressing their true selves and living their lives to the fullest!

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