Monica Rich Kosann Brings Her Baubles Online

by Dena Silver
Monica Rich Kosann

Seeped in personal anecdotes, accented with plenty of timeless 18-karat gold details and sprinkled with diamonds, the baubles designed by Monica Rich Kosann have a distinct vibe. She splits her time between designing her jewelry and snapping black and white portraits, and Kosann just launched her new e-commerce destination. Her first big retail push came after Bergdorf Goodman offered her space in their jewelry department, which eventually turned into a MRK shop-in-shop on the 7th floor. The designer knows a thing or two about the power of a strong retail experience! Her shiny new site has an editorial aspect and offers custom jewelry designs and exclusive product for the home and beyond. 

Congrats on the new e-commerce shop! What’s happening online?
I’m thrilled to launch the new website because it brings our digital presence onto the same level as the quality of our collections. It captures the balance between timeless elegance and contemporary sensibility that’s become core to the brand, including the evolution and individual stories behind each collection. The new website will help our customer better understand the brand and my philosophy that every woman can tell her own story by wearing the things she loves.

Why was now the right time to launch?
We wanted to make sure we had the right platform and team in place to help us execute these messages to the consumer in a way that perfectly represents the brand. But it’s been in the works for a while now. We are such a storytelling brand, and with the new website, we can finally properly highlight the collections in a format that truly represents the Monica Rich Kosann brand.

In regards to exclusive products, what will you be offering?
The new website will showcase our one-of-a-kind pieces and the largest selection of charms and charm bracelet offerings. We’ll also update the home and gifts sections to include products that aren’t readily available, so there will always be something new for our customer to see and explore.

What else will this revamped site include?
We added a journal section that will consistently be updated with new editorial content, including styling tips, gift suggestions, and storytelling components that will give consumers a behind the scenes look into the MRK lifestyle. The new website also offers the technology to upload your photos to put inside your Monica Rich Kosann locket.

Will your daughters’ blog, The New Potato, be involved in this editorial content?
When you’re in a family business like we are, you can never avoid talking about work and sharing information!  The kids are always trying to keep me cool. They’re watching out for their mother!

Have Danielle and Laura taught you a thing or two about blogging from their The New Potato venture?
My husband, Rod, and I think they have such a fresh voice and their website is really unique. I love how The New Potato covers the world through the lens of food. The journal section of my new website will look at the world through a storytelling lens in the same way, but aimed at great jewelry and style.

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