Inside the Moncler x Rick Owens Customized Tour Bus

by Charles Manning

There was more to Rick Owens’ collaboration with Moncler than a bunch of sick puffers (full pictures of which have still not been released). Specifically, there was a custom-designed tour bus that Owens and his wife, Michèle Lamy, took on a road trip through the American West with stops at Area 51 and Michael Heizer’s Double Negative, a massive pice of land art about two hours northeast of Las Vegas.

Moncler and Owens released a handful of pics from the road trip a couple of days ago, but now they’re taking us inside the chic, minimalist home on wheels.

It’s funny sort of funny, when you think about it. Owens and Lamy are both getting up there in years — he is 57 and she is 76 — and like so many retirees, they decided now was a good time to hop on an RV and take a cross-country road trip. Retirement, but make it FASHION!

Also, let’s all just take a minute to appreciate how insane Owens’ body is. I mean, those abs! Good god!

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