Mommy and Me with Stacey Bendet: How to Avoid A Meltdown

by Daniel Chivu

Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet is back from vacation with more exclusive parenting advice for Chic. This week, the pregnant designer shares her way to stay sane. 


“I just spent 15 hours flying back from Hawaii with my little angel toddler (3 year-old Eloise) sticking pretzels up my nose, dropping things in every crack of the seat, and spitting out crackers all over my cashmere sweater. This does not = relaxation. I can’t drink margaritas, the taste of Dr.-allowed wine makes me want to gag, and hair dye is a no-no… So enjoy my mommy meltdown prevention practices!


ACUPUNCTURE WITH ADELE REISING: She is a dream! I go to her for everything from back pain to swelling to happy baby massages. She is a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist.


ICE CREAM OR FROZEN YOGURT: I mean, everyone needs a baby vice. Consider Sundaes and Cones. 


MASSAGE: At home, I recommend Tim De Lonay, an experienced pre-natalist, or Dr. Trish Dean, the most intense amazing experience ever. While she is often traveling with one of several rock stars, I book her whenever she is in New York. Contact her at

MANI/PEDIS: If your ass can’t always look good, at least your hands and feet can. I love Minx, and they are non-toxic, so you and baby are free of polish fumes.


YOGA WITH EDDIE STERN: OK, my yoga might be a little intense, but any yoga is great while you are pregnant. It relaxes you and the baby and keeps your arms and ass in great shape. The breathing practice helps with labor (or your planned c-section pre-game anxiety moments—a better alternative to screaming at husband). You can feel the baby relax as you do. “

Check out our Gallery for pictures of Stacey doing yoga while pregnant. 




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