Models Flock to the #ModelSummerHangout Rooftop Soiree

by The Daily

Models from across the city, including Mackinley Hill, Peyton Knight, and Cindy Mello, jumped into Audi Silvercars, headed to the #ModelSummerHangout event on the roof of the Gansevoort. They expected brunch, a braid bar, massages, activities and games on arrival at the rooftop pool party. What they didn’t expect? A flash test of their emoji expertise on the ride over! The game consisted of emoji math (microphone + heart + Calvin Klein + Canadian flag = which celebrity?) and a fair amount of healthy competition.  While the mods got some answers without missing a beat “definitely Kim Kardashian!” other puzzles stumped (looking at you, Leo DiCaprio question). Sure beats the subway!



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