Model Behavior: Jet Lag Cures, Revealed

by The Daily Front Row

From the pages of The Daily Summer: When it comes to summer travel, nobody masters it quite like our favorite jet-setting models. Take notes!

Elettra Wiedemann:
“I am a firm believer that eating light the day of a flight, not eating anything on the plane, and drinking lots of water—no booze!—does wonders. I always try to get some shut-eye, too. And even if I’m not sleeping, I’ll just lay with an eye mask on and rest for a few hours on the flight. When we hit the tarmac on the other side, I always have money ready in my pocket for a good double espresso.”

Valentina Zelyaeva:
“As soon as I land and check into a hotel, I go to the nearest park or a beach and walk around barefoot. Walking barefoot and becoming connected directly to the Earth helps your body tune in with the local time and geographic location.”

Daphne Groeneveld:
“I try not to sleep on planes so I can get used to the new time zone straight away.”

Caroline Trentini:
“A good workout is key. And then have a coconut water with some fruit. I’m a mom, so when I get home I have to work or take care of my kids!”

Hailey Clauson:
“I try to hit the ground running. I find that if you just get right into the swing of things, the jet lag isn’t as bad.”

Matthew Terry:
“When my luggage goes missing on a cross-continental direct flight, and they just can’t seem to locate the suitcase.”

Elsa Hosk:
“Seats that don’t lay all the way flat, because I like to sleep on my stomach.”

Jasmine Tookes:
“When the person sitting next to me on a flight is coughing and sneezing.”

Andreea Diaconu:
“The drive to Heathrow airport in London!”

Sara Sampaio:
“People in the security line who take ages to remove things from their pockets, take off their shoes and belts, take out their laptops, and have to be told to take things out one at a time.”

River Viiperi:
“Having to watch all the safety and security announcements onboard. Like, who hasn’t seen them already? Seriously.”

Sasha Luss:
“Changing gates, pilot strikes…but honestly, when you fly so often, you’re prepared for any disasters and have to take on a yoga-like calmness.”

Devon Windsor:
“I am such an overpacker. I have these Ziploc bag decompressers that you put all of your clothes or chunky sweaters in and then you suck out all the air. Essentially, this means my bags are always overweight because I can fit almost double the amount in my suitcases!”

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