Milly Spring 2015

by Dena Silver

“Have you been to the rooftop garden at the Met?” Michelle Smith asked us before her Spring 2015 show. The designer’s starting point for her collection: the Dan Graham sculptures that adorn the sky high bar and garden. That might not be entirely obvious after viewing the vibrant collection, although it certainly explained the silver screens that divided the runway. The collection as a whole had a slight ’80s vibe to it, but in the best way possible. There were mesh skirts, decorated with a spray paint-esque motif, plenty of crop tops and bra tops, kept covered up with more mesh jackets. And while obsessing over the many textiles used, some sheer patterned fabrics in B&W were particularly striking. We also adored the teeny fringed bags. All in all, a very strong collection that you’re bound to see uptown, downtown, and eventually out East once the weather warms up next year.

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