Million Dollar Dropshipper, Anthony Del Rio Shares the Advantages of Amazon

by Amir Bakian

Dropshipping has become a game-changer for online businesses. With the increase in popularity of e-commerce platforms, more opportunities are coming in the way of dropshipping to generate revenue. Anthony Del Rio is one of the successful drop shippers working with Amazon and earning six to seven-figure revenue every month. For Anthony Del Rio, the start was not easy. He was a high school dropout and had huge responsibilities at home. With no academic qualification, Anthony was forced to make ends meet by working two jobs. However, his hardships could not deter him from following his dreams. Anthony always wanted to start a business on his own. Since starting a business came with the need for capital and infrastructure, Anthony withheld his plans. This was until he discovered the power of e-commerce.

His determination to change his situation made him enroll in several courses to learn about e-commerce. With his limited earnings, he saved every penny to invest thousands of dollars in courses to learn about online business and e-commerce. Soon, he discovered the golden opportunity with dropshipping. He found that dropshipping required no investment since there was no need to hold any inventory. Moreover, he didn’t have to run huge marketing campaigns to reach his target audience and convince them about the quality of his products.

Anthony Del Rio started his business as a drop shipper with Amazon. He squeezed out a couple of hours from his schedule every day for his business. He chose Amazon for his business because he knew that Amazon is an established e-commerce giant with customers from around the world. He realized that with little effort he can reach his customers and convince them to buy his products. Since there are a lot of sellers on Amazon offering products at competitive prices, Anthony understood that he could pick items with maximum profit margins.

With consistent effort, Anthony Del Rio was able to quit his job after three months of starting his online dropshipping store. By the seventh month, he was already making six figures in revenue. He quickly mastered the concept of dropshipping and its potential for huge revenue upsides.

Today, Anthony Del Rio owns two businesses — Ecomdelrio and Steadyecom. Ecomdelrio is his personal brand on Amazon dropshipping. Through Steadyecom he offers e-commerce learning courses to others to help them achieve their goals. More details about his brand and his business are available on his Instagram account.

Like all other businesses, Anthony Del Rio also faced several hardships before reaching his goal. He spent thousands of dollars on courses that gave him little or no value. He made a few bad decisions along the way and suffered losses. However, with persistence and hard work, he was determined to win. Now, Anthony Del Rio wants to be a role model for others who have a dream of starting a business but are afraid to take the leap. He has launched special courses on e-commerce to share his knowledge that was learned the hard way. He wants to help others reach their goals without making the same mistakes he made.

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