5 Need-to-Know Trends From Milan Fashion Week

by Aria Darcella
Milan Fashion Week

The Italians love to walk on the wild side when it comes to style, so Milan Fashion Week is always sure to produce some unique trends. The Spring collections saw everything from sporty wares. to ultra-feminine aesthetics. Here are some of the looks that are sure to be popular in 2019.

1. Bike Shorts
One no longer needs to own a bike to enjoy the aerodynamic swoosh that bike shorts provide. Thanks, fashion!

2. Tie Dye
That thing you did at camp is now great for formal, high-fashion settings, per the Italians.

3. Cinched-Ankle Pants
Yep, everything that was once casual is now deeply chic in Milan. As if you needed another reason to move to Italy.

4. Iridescent Sequins
Proof that The Rainbow Fish was a style icon for the ages.

5. Crochet All Day
Your grandmother is going to be absolutely thrilled.

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