Michelle Smith on the Inspiration Behind Milly Resort 2018

by Sydney Sadick

Milly’s Michelle Smith just unveiled her Resort 2018 collection at Sandbox Studios in New York City’s FiDi nabe. “I’ve been thinking more about my mood and how I feel lately—that’s the starting point for my collections—and right now I’m in a contemplative mood,” she told us on the inspiration behind the collection. “Everything is so unstable in the world and I feel like I want quiet luxury. I don’t feel like I want to be flashy right now. I want the collection to be luxurious and make me feel comfortable and in a beautiful quiet way.”

The collection focuses on cutting-edge silhouettes and fabrics. Think: lace overalls, parachute pants, and an orange, navy blue, and white striped pattern on the side of her classic slip dress, giving it a new spin and an athletic feel. “There are past collections where I’ve had a very athletic mood to the collection, but I think that little touches here and there makes it look fresh and unexpected, and I like the mix of something kind of classic or feminine with something a little sporty,” said Smith. “I like the unexpected feature.” Another key element of the collection? Layering! “There’s a look with two body suits layered over each other, so it’s a really sheer and beautiful hand-feel. It’s an Italian mesh fabric,” Smith said of one of the looks. Also expect two standout denim pieces—the first, a pair of jeans with red taping down the side made from repurposed denim, as well as a denim jacket with the Milly logo emblazoned in pearls on the back.

Check out the full collection, below.

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