Michael Kors Resort 2015

by Paige Reddinger
Michael Kors Resort 2015

How with the times is Michael Kors? The designer described his resort collection as “#normkors”, playing on the internet-meme turned fashion movement terminology “normcore”. That meant there were pieces like a pleated white mom shorts, Birkenstocks, pullover hoodies, anoraks, below-the-knee flouncy denim skirts, and knit sweaters and scarfs that looked like they came crotched by way of grandma’s hands. But of course, in Michael Kors’ hands, it all looked as cool as one would expect from the designer.

White mom shorts were paired with a white boho drawstring top, and an oversized straw bag and hat that looked like casually chic resort attire. Long flowy skirts were shown with long blazers. The anoraks and trenches that doubled as capes were standouts. A pleated LWD with blouson sleeves that came belted at the waist was a closet essential and pieces that would otherwise be completely scary in any other context (tie dyed bell bottoms and a crotched knit lavender dress, for example) suddenly looked appealing. Evening wear pieces like a soft lavender and peach long-sleeved gown added a dash of romance to the collection. #cool #wearable #chic

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