Michael Carl Crushes It Again

by Eddie Roche

If you’ve been reading your Daily on a daily basis, you’ve hopefully been catching the wit and hilarity of Vanity Fair‘s fashion market director Michael Carl in The Fix pages everyday. Need another fix of Michael? He’s passed on the latest episode of Carl’s Crush, his hilar web show, with his two cents on everything fashion. He tells us this is the last Carl’s Crush for a minute, but promises season two is happening. (Phew!) What’s the reaction been to the show? “Overwhelming,” he tells us. “My favorite was from Anne Slowey who said, ‘You still sit second row now that you’re a TV star?’ Did he meet any new fans during fashion week? “The way I know that I’m getting recognized is because people have started calling me Carl.” Ha! His latest episode, “12 Things Fashion People Literally Think (Literally)”, might be our fave episode yet…

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