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Meredith Melling Burke And Valerie Boster Unveil Their Post-Vogue Project, La Marque

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Remember when the fashion set was positively in a tizzy in September because prominent Vogue alums, Meredith Melling Burke and Valerie Boster, were departing from the glossy to pursuit a mystery project? Well, it turns out the duo are starting up their own consultancy agency, called La Marque, according to WWD. They’ve taken on four clients to start, including Andrew Rosen‘s Theory label, French bridal and evening brand Delphine Manivet, the swimwear label Cover and Edition01. With no permanent office space or staff to count on, Burke and Boster do have a combined 26 years of experience at Vogue and a contact list that reads like a who’s who of the industry. While the duo’s ambitions to step out on their own sound pretty grand, they have no intentions of crossing Anna Wintour: they promise that when they decamped from Condé Nast, La Marque was only a concept. Intriguing! 

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