Meet Trust Me Vodka, The Spirit of Creativity

by Thomas Herd

While most vodka brands on the market are known, frankly for being either good or bad, one ultra-premium American-made brand of vodka isn’t just known for being exceptionally good, but also for their spirit of creativity. With eye-catching art on their bottles and a commitment to sharing creativity and their passion for the arts, Trust Me Vodka has been classed as a top-tier liquor with distinctive branding that tells a story in every bottle.

Possessing an affinity for both superior vodka as well as art and the platform to express one’s creativity, Trust Me saw the opportunity to create a premier brand of vodka that could serve as a unique vehicle for showcasing the talented craftsmanship of global artists. Since 2017, Trust Me has given 15 artists the opportunity to create the art seen behind each bottle. As they relish the chance to give up-and-coming artists and talent the opportunity to showcase their work, Trust Me is constantly looking for hidden and rising artists all over the country. In 2017, their very first artist to grace their bottles was Jeff Soto, an emerging artist known for his variation of Pop Surrealism and street art.

With a new and perhaps unconventional canvas in the form of a bottle, artists are given the platform to display their art through Trust Me. But what makes each piece of art so special is that every bottle is part of a limited series that will become collectable even after each of their 20,000-bottle series are completed. For vodka-drinking art enthusiasts, Trust Me offers a beautiful piece of art to display in their bars at home. With art that varies from contemporary, modern, abstract and more, the Trust Me arsenal is made up of varied and deeply talented artists. As true patrons of the arts, the vodka company is additionally looking to expand into sharing other variations of art beyond just visual arts, with an interest in fashion, film, music and more.

And then, there’s the vodka. For the upper echelon of true vodka connoisseurs, Trust Me delivers two unparalleled spirits— their organic vodka, made from wheat and their gluten free vodka made from the finest Idaho potatoes. Made from 100% clean ingredients, Trust Me’s farm-to-bottle gluten free finish is smooth and subtly sweet, while their organic vodka is known for its clean and crisp profile without the harsh kick. In addition to their trademark organic and gluten free vodkas, Trust Me has recently launched a premier line of bottled cocktails made from their premium vodka. Whether you’re a Bloody Mary person or more of the fruity Sex on the Beach type, the Trust Me bottled cocktail line has something for everyone. And with bars and restaurants closed in the last year as a result of the pandemic, their bottled cocktails have been perfect for those itching for a cocktail that tastes like it was crafted by a mixologist right in their home.

With an unbridled commitment to promoting and celebrating creativity through their premium brand of vodka, Trust Me continues to transcend the standard of any spirits company producing art in your bottle and art in your glass.

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